Straightner - OVERVIEW

Straightening Machine is required to rectify the curvature in strip taken from the coil and our exclusive design ensures accurate setting and reliable performance.

In order to achieve higher accuracy more sets of rolls are required to be employed. All the machine components are manufactured with high grade material and with precision machining. The Straightener Rollers are core hardened, hard chrome plated and ground to optimize the performance.

We have wide range of top-quality precision straighteners with both Motorised and Non-Motorised Option.

  • Normal Duty Straightener

    Normal Duty Straightener

    All rollers are mounted in precision needle roller bearings. Each of the three upper rollers has a central adjustment screw for quick easy setting. Both pinch drive rollers and all lower straightening rollers are geared together to achieve maximum traction and minimise roller slip. In a Motorised Version Straightener head is mounted on a sturdy cabinet enclosing motor, variable speed transmission including Touch Type Loop Control.

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  • Heavy Duty Straightner

    Heavy Duty Straightner

    A range of powered precision straighteners with all pinch rollers and lower straightening rollers are geared together to for maximum traction. Top straightening rollers are each adjusted from a single point but a parallel motion ensures that the rollers are always held horizontal to the strip surface.

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  • EXTRA Heavy Duty Straightner

    EXTRA Heavy Duty Straightner

    A range of extra heavy duty straightener is designed to handle material with added capacity from the larger diameter rollers. The rollers are spread on wider centres together with the option of backup rollers on wide units.

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