Horizontal Decoiler

Horizontal uncoiling is a well proven and highly effective method of uncoiling strip into a press.

Simply place coil on the turn table, take the end of the strip from the center of the coil and feed it into the press. The horizontal stock reel takes care of the rest, unwinding and stopping according to demand.

We offer standard Model with Motorised (MHD) and Non Motorised (NHD) option. Non Motorised Option is suitable for coils of spring nature.

Table of Specifications
Model No. Coil Weight (kgs) Coil Width / Stack Height (mm) Coil OD (mm)
NHD/MHD150-700 150 100 700
NHD/MHD300-800 300 150 800
NHD/MHD500-1000 500 300 1000
NHD/MHD1000-1000 1000 500 1000

** other customised models available on demand

  • Horizontal Decoiler
  • Horizontal Decoiler
  • Horizontal Decoiler