Uncoiling of strip material requires controlled care and selection of equipment which will satisfy the requirements of the associated production process.

Coil and strip movement must not interfere with press feeds or production operations and the Equipment must safely hold the weight and size of coils, and allow the coil to rotate to match the strip speed.

SYNERGY offer sturdy and well-engineered design and wide variety of models both in Motorised and Non-Motorised option so that users can acquire correct Machine for their current and possibly future work.

  • Motorised Vertical Decoiler

    Motorised Vertical Decoiler

    The Machine is equipped with screw operating, self-centralising expanding mandrel and manually operated built in adjusting handle. Four coil support arms give quick loading and well-balanced coil location. The front coil retaining disc is fitted with a fast action hand lever lock for rapid coil changing. A non-motorised Machine include an adjustable drag brake while in a Motorised Machine motor-gear box drive operated via an adjustable torque limiter to ensure safe operation.

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  • Motorised Vertical Double Head Decoiler


    The Double Headed Decoiler Models minimizes the down time of coil changing. It is possible to load the next coil while decoiling the first without stopping the production by simply unlocking and indexing the next coil comes in line with the press. The Unit incorporates two independent geared motor drives with an automatic change over switch.

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  • Horizontal Decoiler


    Horizontal uncoiling is a well proven and highly effective method of uncoiling strip into a press. Simply place coil on the turn table, take the end of the strip from the center of the coil and feed it into the press. The horizontal stock reel takes care of the rest, unwinding and stopping according to demand. We offer standard Model with Motorised (MHD) and Non Motorised (NHD) option. Non Motorised Option is suitable for coils of spring nature.

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