SYNERGY is authorised representative for POWAIR Pneumatic Feeders.

Feeders are versatile, easy to fit, simple to use and inexpensive and our range of top quality precision engineered POWAIR feeders provide the user with consistent accuracy of pitch and reliability together with long life and easy serviceability.

Main Design Points:-

  • Air craft grade Aluminium Body with Stainless steel sleeves
  • Only one airline supply
  • Unique internal damage-proof main valve
  • No marking or marring of material & Easily adjusted stroke lengths
  • No projecting nuts, screws, bolts, bars, levers or plates to work loose
  • Speed adjustable in forward or reverse mode
  • Sliding elements fully cushion against shock at both ends of stroke
  • Designed for long life (feeds over 15 years old are still coming back for servicing)
  • Easily fitted replaceable stainless steel wear plates
  • Repeatable accuracy 0.03mm (0.001")/cycle
  • Clamp heads can be removed without dismantling feed from press
  • Easy 'O' ring change. Recommended every 25 million cycles or 6 months depending upon usage

We have wide range of feeders available divided into light duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty categories.



    Air Feeds work on the soundest of principles. The material being fed through the product is powerfully gripped at all times, alternately by the fixed and moving clamps to ensure it cannot slip or be misfed. On all feed units shock absorbing cushioned dead stops, at either end of the stroke, provide unerring feed repeatabilitiy with no bounce

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    In addition to the standard feeds the HD and HDX feeds offer higher performance by using increased clamp and feed cylinder bores. Some HDX units offer twice the pulling power of the comparable standard product. They are recommended for use with less flexible materials.

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  • Roll Band Feeder

    Roll Band Feeder

    Roll Band Feeds are pioneered to completely eliminate buckling while feeding very thin or flimsy materials.

    This is Unit is modified version of standard units where two endless bands are added. The material is sandwiched between the bands over a large area, and these units feed metallic or non-metallic strip with normal feeder high accuracy.

    We offer customized unit as per customer requirement.

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