Compact Unit - Normal & Heavy Duty

The high level of the straightener provides a deeper outgoing material loop improving loop sensing control. The coil holder and straightener are arranged to permit coil loading with overhead lifting equipment.

The Central Gap between Strip Guide drum and Straightener also allows loading of coil from overhead with the help of E.O.T Crane.

For added flexibility in the Press Shop the Compacts can be supplied with wheels and castor handle allowing them to be easily moved around the workshop from press to press as required.

Table of Specifications
Model No. Coil Weight (Kgs) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Coil OD (mm)
CDSN150/150-2.5 150 150 0.4-2.5 800
CDSN500/300-1.3 500 300 0.4-1.3 1000
CDSH500/300-3.0 500 300 0.5-3.0 1000
CDSH1000/300-3.0 1000 300 0.5-3.0 1000
CDSH2000/300-3.0 2000 300 0.5-3.0 1000

** other customised models available on demand

  • Compact Unit - Normal & Heavy Duty
  • Compact Unit - Normal & Heavy Duty
  • Compact Unit - Normal & Heavy Duty