Servo Feeders

Synergy make servo Roll Feed is supplied as a complete system to feed presses and other machinery requiring automatic strip feeding.

It incorporates the very latest Servo motors and drive technology. It can be integrated into multi-signal controlled installations and it provides a degree of versatility and simplicity that conventional feeds cannot achieve.

The ability to feed variable lengths, in any combination, in a programme results in optimization of production in batch quantities. It saves time and material, reduces work in progress and greatly simplifies planning and scheduling.

Quality, accuracy and reliability are assured because it is manufactured by SYNERGY.


  • A solid framework holding high quality rolls offer the precision and toughness required.
  • Dual bearing arrangement of needle bearings and ball bearings.
  • Adjustable rolls to eliminate feed induced camber and marking of the material.
  • Easily adjusted side guides ensure consistent material throughout.
  • It is designed to feed widest range of material sizes in a single product.
  • All pneumatics for the roll lift unit are piped internally within the top mounted chamber.
Table of Specifications
Model No. Max Strip Width (mm) Max Strip Thickness (mm) (mm) Max Stroke (mm) Roll Dia (mm) Max MPM (mtrs)
SRF100-1.0 100 1.0 100 50 30
SRF150-1.8 150 1.8 270 65 30
SRF200-1.7 200 1.7 340 65 30
SRF300-1.6 300 1.6 480 65 30
SRFHD150-2.5 150 2.5 375 80 60
SRFHD300-2.5 300 2.5 750 80 60
SRFHD400-2.0 400 2.0 750 80 60

** other customised models available on demand

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