Normal Duty STRAIGHTENER Machine

All rollers are mounted in precision needle roller bearings. Each of the three upper rollers has a central adjustment screw for quick easy setting. Both pinch drive rollers and all lower straightening rollers are geared together to achieve maximum traction and minimise roller slip.

In a Motorised Version Straightener head is mounted on a sturdy cabinet enclosing motor, variable speed transmission including Touch Type Loop Control.

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Table of Specifications


Model No. Roll Dia No. of Rollers Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
MSND150-2.5 38 7+1 150 0.4-2.5
MSND230-1.8 38 7+1 230 0.4-1.8
MSND300-1.5 38 7+1 300 0.4-1.5
MSHD400-1.2 38 7+1 400 0.4-1.2