We are now in tie up with ELEKTROMAG to promote & maintain Sheet Roll Forming Machines, for width upto 2000mm & thickness up to 8 mm, with option of both Manual and Motorised Rolling Machines.

A manually operated machine with crowned rolls. The lower roll is adjusted by means of a hand wheel on the right-hand side of the machine in Non Motorised models.

A Motorised Machine is delivered with motor, stand as well as foot-operated forward / reverse switch with protective casing.

The bending roll can be set diagonally for cone bending. The lower and rear rolls have four different slots for the bending of wire.

Key Features:

  • Top roll can be swung out
  • Cone bending as standard
  • Reduction gear available for increased power
  • Bending roll adjusted by lever
  • Crowned rolls
  • Medium duty production

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Table of Specifications


Model No. Capacity Working Length (W) Max Sheet Thickness (400N/mm2)(t) Diameter of rolls mm Net Weight (kg)
4132-620 6/20 675 2,0 60 140
4132-1015 10/15 1010 1,5 60 175
4132-1212 12/12 1260 1,25 60 215