SYNERGY is now authorised representative for POWAIR Pneumatic Feeders.

Pneumatic Feeders are versatile, easy to fit, simple to use and inexpensive and our range of top quality precision engineered POWAIR feeders provide the user with consistent accuracy of pitch and reliability together with long life and easy serviceability.

POWAIR press feeds work on the soundest of principles. The material being fed is powerfully griped all the time, alternately by the fixed and moving clamps, so it cannot slip or be misfed. On all feed units shock absorbing cushioned dead stops at either end of the stroke provide unerring feed repeatability of ± 0.03 mm (0.001 ins) without any bounce.

Feeders are manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy which makes them light weight and gives durable life.

Feeders can be directly mounted on die or feeder mounting bracket. Our standard Feeders are supplied with Pneumatic Activation through Pneumatic Roller Switch. Optional Electrical Activation is available for high speed application.

We have wide range of feeders available divided into light duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty categories with additional accessories following accessories:

  • Pilot Release System – This system is used to momentarily release the feeder clamps while using piloted press tools. The material is always under control either by the clamps or the pilots.
  • Repeater Control Unit – It allows the feeder to repeat feed strokes thereby increasing its maximum feed length capacity. This unit includes the ability to control the press allowing the feeder to complete as many strokes as desired before the press operates and the sequence continues.