Motorised Vertical Double Head Decoiler Machine

The Double Headed Decoiler Models minimizes the down time of coil changing. It is possible to load the next coil while decoiling the first without stopping the production. By simply unlocking and indexing the next coil comes in line with the press.

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Table of Specifications


Model No. Coil Weight (Kgs) Coil Width (mm) Coil O/D (mm) Coil I/D (mm)
MVDD150-150 2 x 150 150 700 200-450
MVDD500-300 2 x 500 300 1000 250-550
MVDD1000-300 2 x 1000 300 1000 350-450
MVDD2000-350 2 x 2000 350 1200 400-500