Motorised Vertical Decoiler Machine

The Machine is equipped with self centralising expanding mandrel, manually operated by a built in adjusting handle. The coil supporting arms give quick loading and well balanced coil location. The front coil retaining disc is fitted with a fast action hand lever lock for rapid coil changing. A non motorised Machine include an adjustable drag brake while in a Motorised Machine motor-gear box drive operated via an adjustable torque limiter to ensure safe operation.

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Table of Specifications


Model No. Coil Weight (Kgs.) Coil Width (mm.) Coil O/D (mm.) Coil I/D (mm.)
MVD150-150 150 150 700 200-450
MVD500-300 500 300 1000 250-550
MVD1000-300 1000 300 1000 350-450
MVD2000-350 2000 350 1200 400-500