Based on the same design and principles a single coil holder head is replaced with double mandrel mounted on a swing round turntable below the straightener.

As with conventional double head Decoilers, these units have the big advantage that coils can be loaded onto one uncoiler head while the other is in use, giving substantial savings on press down time while changing coils.

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Table of Specifications


Model No. Coil Weight (Kgs) Coil Width (mm) Coil O/D (mm) Thickness (mm)
TCDSN150/150-2.5 150 X 2 150 700 0.4-2.5
TCDSN500/300-1.5 500 300 1000 0.4-1.5
TCDSH/500-300-3 500 300 1000 0.5-3.0
TCDSH/1000-300-3 1000 300 1000 0.5-3.0
TCDSH/2000-300-3 2000 300 1200 0.5-3.0